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What is the Credit Information Catalogue web platform?
The credit information portal is a repository of information on the different providers of finance and terms and conditions for accessing finance.
How do I access information from the Credit Information Portal platform?
There are majorly four types of loans you can access on this website; they are personal, business, Mortgage and credit. Whichever one you choose, will take you through a four stage process before you can access the information. The first stage is by clicking on any of the loans of your choice (Personal, Business, Mortgage and Credit) which takes you to the second stage where you have to fill in a quick form to search for the required loan selected from stage one, The third stage shows you a list of loans that matches your search criteria and the final stage is to view the contact information of your required loan.
Can I apply directly on the web platform for a loan?
We are yet to develop direct linkages to the participating financial institutions so the loan application has to be made directly to the financial institution that best suits your need.
What types of loans are on offer from the listed financial institutions?
Financial institutions have listed the different kinds of products and services they are offering. These services include personal, business and cooperative loans.
How can we locate the financial institutions?
The service is still in its pilot phase and it is currently limited to Kaduna, Lagos and Abuja. The initiative will be rolled out in other parts of the country after the initial phase.
What type of information do banks require before commencing the loan application process?
We advise each business owner to request this category of information from each financial institution as requirements may vary. However, the common documents requested are the certificate of incorporation of your business, audited financial statements and bank account statements.
How long does the loan application process take to be completed?
The length of the application process will depend on the completion of the application form by the customer and internal processes within each participating financial institution.

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